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Software Development & Devops & Support Manager
I'm a Cloud Infrastructure expert, specializing in Virtualization and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) technologies. I have a deep knowledge of the inner workings of OpenStack, CloudStack, KVM and Linux and a vast experience in designing, building, automating and maintaining large scale solutions based on these technologies.

Skills Summary:

- OpenStack: Intimate familiarity with OpenStack internals. Vast experience in designing, implementing and automating OpenStack clouds. Experience with OpenStack troubleshooting and debugging at code level and with extending OpenStack's code to support new functionality.

- CloudStack: Excellent knowledge of CloudStack and its various services and components. Vast experience in designing, implementing, troubleshooting and automating CloudStack clouds.

- Virtualization: Deep knowledge of the KVM hypervisor. Experience with KVM performance analysis and tuning and with custom KVM/Libvirt scripting for extending IaaS functionality (Libvirt Hooks).

- Linux: Extensive knowledge of all the levels of the Linux operating system, in particular the Linux kernel. Vast experience with Linux mass deployments, services management, performance analysis, tuning and troubleshooting.

- Storage: Well versed in all aspects of Storage sizing and scaling, performance analysis and tuning, specifically with Distributed and Clustered file systems, namely Ceph, GlusterFS, GFS2 and OCFS2.

- Networking: Solid understanding of TCP/IP protocols and layers, network design considerations and practical implementations. Vast experience with network troubleshooting, specifically in Cloud environments. Experienced with data-plane acceleration technologies such as DPDK and SR-IOV.

- Programming: Vast experience with Unix\Linux system scripting and automation and with scripting OpenStack, CloudStack and KVM/Libvirt API's. My preferred tool-of-trade when programming is Python. I'm also proficient in Perl, Shell and have a Java and C background.