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Tuesday, October 27

11:15am JST

RSVP required: Neutron Network Know-How: A Hands-On Workshop for Solving Neutron Nightmares


How often is your pleasant night of sleep interrupted by a Neutron nightmare?  Although Neutron is one the most complex OpenStack projects to troubleshoot, this hands-on workshop will give participants awesome tips for quickly resolving Neutron-centric problems.

Each participant will gain hands-on Neutron troubleshooting experience by receiving credentials to a live OpenStack Kilo environment.  By the end of this workshop, participants will not only know how to identify and fix common Neutron issues but learn the necessary tools to prevent future headaches so you can finally get a good night's rest!

avatar for Matt Dorn

Matt Dorn

Cloud Technology Instructor, Rackspace
Matt Dorn is a Cloud Technology Instructor with Rackspace focused on helping IT teams around the world build private clouds with OpenStack.  He understands that many feel a great deal of intimidation when approaching open source projects and is fanatical about providing an easy to... Read More →
avatar for Phil Hopkins

Phil Hopkins

Principal Engineer, Rackspace
Phil Hopkins, Principal Engineer at Rackspace. has an Electrical Engineering Degree from the University of South Florida and has been working on Linux systems for over 15 years. In the past he has taught Cisco Networking classes and worked as a Cisco Admin as well as designing VOIP... Read More →
avatar for Byron McCollum

Byron McCollum

DevOps Engineer
avatar for John McKenzie

John McKenzie

Senior Technical Trainer, CoreOS
Software developer and technical trainer specializing in Containers and Kubernetes.

Tuesday October 27, 2015 11:15am - 12:45pm JST

2:00pm JST

RSVP required: Openstack Manila Hands-on Lab Session
This lab session is to have a openstack Manila overview and hand on lab with manila on Dev stack.

Manila is the shared file system service. Manila allows tenants to manage shares, e.g., NFS exports, take snapshots, and adjust access rules.

You will get a Devstack with Manila installed.
We will have overview of basic features of Manila , share network , share ACLs and how to use Manila.

Hands-on with Manila API.

Link to session ova files - https://drive.google.com/folderview?

avatar for Amol Chobe

Amol Chobe

Principal Deployment Architect, Ericsson, 2
Amol Chobe has 15 years of experience building Telco products and maintaining infrastructure for supporting products. Amol is Senior Deployment Architect at Ericsson, where he works with Engineering and Development teams to design and build systems to support new services. Currently... Read More →
avatar for Sudhir Kethamakka

Sudhir Kethamakka

Product Development Leader, Ericsson
Sudhir is Product Development Leader and Engineering Manager at Ericsson, heading one of the core development units for Ericsson Cloud Manager. He has 15 years of experience in Telecom industry working in different roles related to Software Development and Architecture. He holds a... Read More →

Tuesday October 27, 2015 2:00pm - 3:30pm JST

4:40pm JST

RSVP required: OpenStack Trove -- Hands on the OpenStack Database Service, Hands-On Lab

Trove is the OpenStack Database as a Service (DBaaS) project that
  provides a simple cloud based approach to the management of the
  complete lifecycle of a database.  DBaaS provides a flexible,
  scalable, on-demand platform that enables self-service and easy
  management of a variety of database management systems (DBMS).

  This tutorial provides attendees with a hands-on introduction to
  OpenStack Trove. Attendees will learn how to install, configure and
  operate OpenStack Trove. During the tutorial, they will launch both
  relational and NoSQL databases, configure and operate replicated
  pairs of databases, clusters of MongoDB instances, take backups,
  manage configuration parameters on groups of databases, and learn
  the benefits of DBaaS and OpenStack Trove.

  Attendees will get answers to questions such as:
  • What are the benefits of DBaaS and OpenStack Trove?
  • What are some of the common use-cases for Trove?
  • How do I install and configure Trove?
  • What databases can be orchestrated with OpenStack Trove?
  • How do I launch a database instance with Trove?
  • How do I manage features like replication and clustering with Trove?
  • How do backups and configuration management work with Trove?

avatar for Shayne Burgess

Shayne Burgess

Engineering Manager, Trove, HP Helion, HP
Shayne Burgess has been working to build cloud native services for many years. At Microsoft, Shayne partnered wth HortonWorks to bring Hadoop and Hadoop workloads to Azure with the HDInsight - a service that was daily running tens of thousands of Hadoops nodes on Azure within months... Read More →
avatar for Amrith Kumar

Amrith Kumar

CTO Tesora, Project Team Lead OpenStack Trove, Tesora
Amrith Kumar brings more than two decades of experience delivering industry-leading products for companies specializing in enterprise storage applications, fault tolerant high-performance systems and massively parallel databases to Tesora, which he co-founded. Earlier, he served as... Read More →
avatar for Nikhil Manchanda

Nikhil Manchanda

Engineering Manager, Microsoft
Hello there! I'm an Engineering Manager at Microsoft helping customers build cloud applications using Azure, Helm, Kubernetes and other container technologies. I was previously one of the founders of the OpenStack Trove project. My main areas of expertise are databases and IoT, but... Read More →
avatar for Doug Shelley

Doug Shelley

Vice President, Product Development
avatar for Max Verun

Max Verun

Product Manager, Trove, HP Helion, HP
Max Verun is a product manager in HP Helion Development Platform, owning Database as a Service and product lifecycle management areas.  He joined HP from Microsoft, where he was a program manager in Office 365, Bing, and SQL Server products. Prior, he was a software development... Read More →
avatar for Craig Vyvial

Craig Vyvial

Software Engineer, HP

Tuesday October 27, 2015 4:40pm - 6:10pm JST
Wednesday, October 28

11:15am JST

RSVP required: Congress Hands-On Lab
Congress is an OpenStack project that provides policy as a service across any collection of cloud services in order to offer governance and compliance for dynamic infrastructures. In this lab users will get access to a live OpenStack setup with congress already installed and will be able to walk through several key congress deployment use cases and get hands on experience working with congress. Users will write policies that interface with several OpenStack projects (neutron, glance, nova,  keystone, cinder, murano) and understand how the policy language works and how one can tame their cloud with Congress.

avatar for Tim Hinrichs

Tim Hinrichs

CTO and Co-founder, Styra, Inc.
Tim Hinrichs is the PTL of OpenStack Congress and the CTO and co-founder of Styra, Inc.  Before that he spent 2 years as a software engineer at VMware, and in 2008 he received his Ph.D. in declarative programming languages from Stanford University.  He spent the last 14 years designing... Read More →

Wednesday October 28, 2015 11:15am - 12:45pm JST

2:50pm JST

RSVP required: Hands-On Lab: Install and Configure OpenStack Octavia
In this interactive workshop, memebers of the Octavia team will walk attendees through the installation and configuration of Octavia, the Open Stack LoadBalancer, on a virtual machine. Attendees will leave with an understanding of the various components of Octavia, how to configure and tune the controller and the amphora, and with a working single-VM install on their laptops.

Attendees will learn:

  • Octavia Architecture 101

  • How to Install and Configure Octavia

  • How to perform day to day Octavia operations tasks

  • End user usage of the API, CLI and Horizon UI

  • Tips and Tricks for using Octavia

  • Contributing to Octavia 101


Susanne Balle

Cloud Architect, Intel
Susanne is a Senior Principal Engineer at Intel in the SDI/Cloud Architecture and Pathfinding group. She has been involved in OpenStack in various projects since the Essex OpenStack summit. Her current interests are Networking and Networking Advanced Services such as LBaaS, Octavia... Read More →
avatar for German Eichberger

German Eichberger

Principal Cloud Software Engineer, HP
German Eichberger is a Principal Software Engineer with HP and Co-PTL of OpenStack Octavia. He earned a Master in Computer Science from University of Karlsruhe. His interests are Cloud, SDN, and Microservices.

Carlos Garza

Software Engineer

Adam Harwell

Software Engineer, Rackspace
avatar for Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson

Software Design Engineer, Rackspace
Michael is a core reviewer in the OpenStack Neutron-LBaaS, Octavia PTL, and Kosmos (GSLB) projects. Over his fifteen year career at HP he has worked on data center automation, distributed network systems, embedded system design, and big data. Michael lives in Corvallis, Oregon... Read More →
avatar for Phillip Toohill

Phillip Toohill

Software Engineer, Rackspace
Software developer for the Rackspace team committed to expanding capabilities and performance of OpenStack Networking services with primary focus on Load Balancers (LBaaS).

Trevor Vardeman

Software Engineer

Wednesday October 28, 2015 2:50pm - 4:20pm JST

4:40pm JST

RSVP required: Getting Started With OpenStack, Hands-On Lab
OpenStack continues to grow exponentially as the de facto standard for open source Cloud platforms. But how can someone quickly get started with learning this exciting new technology? This workshop will walk participants through an overview of the OpenStack components and offer practical suggestions and resources for learning OpenStack. To demonstrate one way to get started, we will assist workshop attendees to set up a multi-node OpenStack cloud, on their laptops, using the RDO distribution.

Participants will be introduced to a range of core cloud functionality. During the workshop, participants will be introduced to the following:

  • Installing OpenStack

  • Walking through the Horizon dashboard

  • Adding new users

  • Adding an image to Glance

  • Defining networks in Neutron

  • Starting a new virtual server

  • Creating and attaching Cinder storage volumes to virtual servers

  • Storing objects in Swift Using the Horizon Dashboard user interface

Instructions to prepare for the workshop will be posted at http://www.rdoproject.org/GettingStartedTokyoLiberty

avatar for Kenneth Hui

Kenneth Hui

Director of Technical Marketing, Platform9, Platform9
I am the Director of Technical Marketing and Partner Alliances at Platform9, where we are enabling customers to be successful through our SaaS managed private cloud solution.  My passion is to help IT deliver value through collaboration, automation, and cloud computing.  I am an... Read More →
avatar for Dan Radez

Dan Radez

Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat
Dan Radez has worked for Red Hat for 7 years from the company's headquarters office in Raleigh, NC. With Red Hat he's worked in systems release engineering, product engineering and development operations. Dan has been extended invitations internationally to present and participate... Read More →

Wednesday October 28, 2015 4:40pm - 6:10pm JST
Thursday, October 29

9:00am JST

RSVP required: Designate: Interactive Workshop - Install and Operate, Hands-On Lab


In this interactive workshop, the Designate team will walk attendees through the installation and configuration of Designate on a virtual machine. Attendees will leave with an understanding of the various components of Designate and with a working single-VM install on their laptops.  

Attendees will learn:

  • Designate Architecture 101

  • How to Install and Configure Designate

  • How to set up Nova and Neutron Integration

  • How to perform day to day Designate operations tasks

  • End user usage of the API, CLI and Horizon UI

  • Advanced API functionality

  • Tips and Tricks for using Designate

  • Contributing to Designate 101

avatar for Graham Hayes

Graham Hayes

Senior Software Engineer, HP Cloud Services
Graham is the newly elected PTL for Designate in Mitaka, and lead the design work on the latest major feature for Designate - Server Pools. Graham works as part of the DNSaaS team in HP Helion. As part of this team he is responsible for operating a publicly accessible deployment... Read More →

Eric Larson

Software Developer, Rackspace
Eric Larson is the author of CacheControl, the recommended HTTP caching library for the popular requests library. He is also a software developer working at Rackspace on the CloudDNS team. Outside of writing code, Eric is a proud father and musician.
avatar for Tim  Simmons

Tim Simmons

Software Developer, Rackspace
Tim is a Software Developer at Rackspace on the Cloud DNS team, and a member of Designate core. He has been working on Designate for over two years, and is working on operating Designate at scale for Rackspace.

Thursday October 29, 2015 9:00am - 10:30am JST

11:00am JST

RSVP required: Deploying and Operating Your OpenStack Cloud with OSAD, Hands-On Lab


This session is to provide a detailed review of how to deploy and operate OpenStack using the community supported Ansible playbooks (OSAD) located on Stackforge GitHub repo (https://github.com/stackforge/os-ansible-deployment). 

We'll focus on:

  • Overall deployment process: the nuts and bolts

  • Brief overview of Ansible

  • How to make environment specific configurations

  • Provide tips and tricks to handling the deployment

  • Let's Build Your Cloud: interactive session

  • Review 3-4 real life examples of how you can automate daily administrative tasks with Ansible

Attendees will be present with all the little details around how to deploy OSAD and things to look out for during the implementation.  Session is intended to be a very interactive and provide 'how-to' answers to building distributed OpenStack clouds.  While all cloud tasks can be executed via the API or CLI tool on a one by one basis, this would not be the best way to handle larger cloud deployments. The need for more of an automated approach to administering OpenStack is now clear. With the many IaaS capabilities OpenStack has to offer coupled with Ansible, an ease of use configuration management tool, assures a more complete cloud implementation.

avatar for Walter Bentley

Walter Bentley

Cloud Solutions Architect, Rackspace
I am a Rackspace Private Cloud Technical Marketing Engineer with a diverse background in Production Systems Administration and Solutions Architecture.  I have over 15 years of experience across numerous industries such as Online Marketing, Financial, Insurance, Aviation, Food Industry... Read More →

Thursday October 29, 2015 11:00am - 12:30pm JST

2:50pm JST

RSVP Required: Hands on With Kubernetes on OpenStack, Hands-On Lab
Kubernetes is a thriving open source project for managing containerized applications across multiple servers using common best-practices. It is built upon more than a decade of experience running productions workloads at Google.

Kubernetes can run anywhere - cloud or bare metal.

This hands-on workshop will first provide a technical overview of Kubernetes architecture, and how the different components  and concepts work together to manage a cluster of containers. We will cover the basics of Kubernetes installation and administration. Kubernetes is a perfect system to sit on top of OpenStack and manage applications to run on top of the OpenStack cloud. So we will use Kubernetes on top of CoreOs on OpenStack as an exampke and learn how to deploy and manage applications and microservices that are light, portable and self-healing. Doing so, we will also cover the strengths and weaknesses of Kubernetes.


Sudarshan Acharya

Software Developer
Sudarshan is Senior Developer & Architect at Rackspace and is currently working on Rackspace Private Cloud Solutions focusing on integrating platforms and applications with OpenStack. He is passionate about solving business needs using a mix of OpenStack, DevOps and Bigdata technologies... Read More →

Daniel Curran

Software Developer
Daniel has been a DevOps Engineer at rackspace going on 4 years now. He has been using/deploying and developing for OpenStack for close to 3 years. He has deployed OpenStack in a number of configurations, set up continuous integration systems, created heat templates and integrated... Read More →

Thursday October 29, 2015 2:50pm - 4:20pm JST

4:30pm JST

RSVP Required: Heat, Cloud-init & Cloud-config: OpenStack Orchestration Deep Dive, Hands-On Lab


OpenStack has excellent workload orchestration support — except the information required to use it is not always wonderfully accessible. This workshop helps you navigate the orchestration maze.

In this technical workshop, you will be introduced to OpenStack Heat, cloud-init, and the hidden gems in cloud-config. Working on a live OpenStack infrastructure, you will learn how to deploy Heat orchestration templates, optimize instance configuration with cloud-init and cloud-config, and learn how to customize individual instances right from your Heat command line or the OpenStack Dashboard.

This workshop has already been presented twice, at OpenStack DACH in Berlin and at OpenStack Israel in Tel Aviv. In both instances, attendees reported the talk being an eye-opener, specifically with regards to relatively unknown features in cloud-init and cloud-config.

The Tokyo version comes with the latest relevant updates for Liberty.

avatar for Syed Armani

Syed Armani

Senior Technical Consultant, hastexo
Syed is an expert in OpenStack high availability and security, and one of the many organizers of meetups and community gatherings in the OpenStack community in India. He frequently speaks about OpenStack at user group meetings in India, and has extensive experience deploying OpenStack... Read More →
avatar for Florian Haas

Florian Haas

City Network
Florian runs the Education team at City Network, and helps people learn to use, understand, and deploy complex technology. He has worked exclusively with open source software since about 2002, and has been heavily involved in OpenStack and Ceph since early 2012, and in Open edX since... Read More →

Thursday October 29, 2015 4:30pm - 6:00pm JST

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