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Tuesday, October 27

11:15am JST

NEC- OpenStack as Infrastructure of Telco NFV
OpenStack is shared asset for infra of various industries in the huge community. Telco came up with Network Function Virtualization (NFV) concept to OpenStack. Its specific use cases and requirements are being elaborated to sharable features by efforts in OpenStack and Open Platform for NFV (OPNFV) which is a new OSS project started a year ago. In this talk, you can get the trend of collaboration between OpenStack and OPNFV with an example activity.

avatar for Gerald Kunzmann

Gerald Kunzmann

Manager, DOCOMO
Gerald is leading DOCOMO Euro-Labs' standardization team which is active in the areas of Machine-Type-Communications (MTC), Software-defined Networking (SDN), 5th Generation Mobile Networks (5G), and Network Function Virtualization (NFV). In the latter topic, Gerald is participating... Read More →
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Ryota Mibu

Assistant Manager, NEC
Ryota Mibu has been working on integrating cloud technologies to telecommunication platform form 2012 in NEC. He has been contributing OpenStack projects, including Neutron, Ironic, Ceilometer and Aodh. He is the former Project Lead of OPNFV "Doctor" which is focusing on building... Read More →

Tuesday October 27, 2015 11:15am - 11:55am JST
Heian (New Takanawa)

12:05pm JST

NEC- Cloudifying Virtualized Customer Premises Equipment: The Next Step Towards Operationalization
In proof of concept trials, service providers and vendor partners have proven they can virtualize key vCPE network functions. However, virtualization alone is only a first step towards creating and operationalizing a true platform for revenue growth from value-added content and applications. Bringing residential and business vCPE to the cloud is the essential next step. In this presentation NEC/NetCracker will demonstrate the path from virtualization to cloudification, leveraging practical experience in operationalizing vCPE to bring new services to market.

avatar for Mark Bieberich

Mark Bieberich

Sr. Director, Strategy, NEC/NetCracker
Mark Bieberich is NetCracker’s Senior Director of Strategy for SDN/NFV Solutions. In this role he leads a range of competitive strategy, marketing and business development initiatives for SDN and NFV portfolio solutions developed by NetCracker and its parent company, NEC. Before... Read More →

Tuesday October 27, 2015 12:05pm - 12:45pm JST
Heian (New Takanawa)

2:00pm JST

NEC- OpenStack 'Traps' of Developments and Use-Cases (Lightning Talks)
NEC’s developers and operators will talk you about "traps" of not only OpenStack development but also experiment of our cloud construction and operation.

avatar for Yuji Azama

Yuji Azama

NEC Solution Innovators, ltd.
Yuji Azama is a software engineer from NEC Solution Innovators Ltd. Currently he is working on the OpenStack project, and mainly contributing to Neutron and "networking-sfc".
avatar for Masayuki Igawa

Masayuki Igawa

Senior Software Engineer, SUSE/Novell Japan
Masayuki Igawa is a software engineer for over 15 years on a wide range of software projects, and developing open source software related to Linux kernel and virtualization. He's been an active technical contributor to OpenStack since the Grizzly release. He is an OpenStack Tempest... Read More →
avatar for Hidekazu Nakamura

Hidekazu Nakamura

Assistant Manager, NEC Corporation
Hidekazu Nakamura is an Assistant Manager at NEC, managing open source contribution team includes Kubernetes. He is a member of Kubernetes-sigs Orgs, contributing to the cluster-api-provider-openstack.
avatar for Motohiro Otsuka

Motohiro Otsuka

Magnum core reviewer since 12/24/14.
avatar for Yuiko Takada

Yuiko Takada

Yuiko Takada is a software engineer at NEC for 8 years on a wide range of software projects, and developing open source software. She's been an active technical contributor to OpenStack since the havana release.
avatar for Haiwei Xu

Haiwei Xu

He is a software engineer from NEC Solution Innovator. He has 3 years experiences of OpenStack development, including Nova, Tempest and Senlin. Currently he is a core developer of Senlin project. Before moving to OpenStack, he has one year experience of smart phone security.

Tuesday October 27, 2015 2:00pm - 2:40pm JST
Heian (New Takanawa)

2:50pm JST

NEC SDN Virtual Data Center Solution
NEC's virtualized data center/NFV solution provides an open IaaS platform based on OpenStack and external OSSs such as Zabbix, ELK, OpenDaylight, etc. This solution is designed to avoid vender lock-in by contributing codes which is needed to satisfy individual customer's requirements. In this talk, we will share some lessons learned to integrate various OSSs as building blocks.

avatar for Toshifumi Uesaka

Toshifumi Uesaka

Toshifumi Uesaka serves as Executive Strategic Specialist, SDN Business development division, Telecom Carrier Business Unit, NEC. In this capacity, he is responsible for development strategies of NEC’s industry-leading  network and cloud service solutions, which clients rely on... Read More →

Tuesday October 27, 2015 2:50pm - 3:30pm JST
Heian (New Takanawa)

3:40pm JST

NEC- OpenStack as a Resource-disaggregated Platform Controller
Resource-disaggregated platform can realize IO resource (device) nodes separation from compute nodes at some distance and dynamic reconfiguration of their connectivity. In this talk, we first introduce ExpEther technology which achieves resource-disaggregated architecture.
Resource management using OpenStack Ironic is a key component for reconfiguring logical connectivity between compute nodes and target resources (NIC, SSD, GPGPU, etc.). 
Finally, PostgreSQL acceleration on GPGPU (called "PG-Strom") is presented as a use-case of reconfiguration of resource-disaggregated platform.

avatar for Shinji Abe

Shinji Abe

Senior Manager for IT Platform Division, NEC
Shinji Abe is a Senior Manager for IT Platform Division of NEC Corporation in Tokyo, Japan. He is in charge of development of the Service Acceleration Platform with ExpEther technology.
avatar for KaiGai Kohei

KaiGai Kohei

Chief Architect, PG-Strom Development Team
KaiGai Kohei is lead developer of the PG-Strom project. He has more than ten years experiences around open source software development of Linux, PostgreSQL and so on. Especially, he has contributed some of core functionality of PostgreSQL on the area of security enhancement and pluggable... Read More →

Masahiko Takahashi

Principal Research Engineer, Green Platform Research Laboratories, NEC
He has been a research engineer for more than 15 years in the Central Research Laboratory in NEC and mainly focusing on operating system (such as memory management system). He joined ExpEther (PCI-Express over Ethernet technology) project 3 years ago to enhance its management from... Read More →

Tuesday October 27, 2015 3:40pm - 4:20pm JST
Heian (New Takanawa)

4:40pm JST

NEC and NTT DOCOMO- What are operators doing behind the Cloud ?
In the session, we talk about Cloud operator’s work behind the real OpenStack Cloud system that jointly developed with NEC and NTT DOCOMO. The operators of OpenStack Cloud face warnings or error messages in daily, so it is important how to automate these daily tasks. We have been organized the knowledge base, that includes the reason of warning/error messages, and how to deal with them. In the session, we introduce the architecture and design of our OpenStack Cloud system, and how to operate.  In addition, by using the knowledge base, we have developed new training material for operators. That will be the first practical training for industry-ready operator of OpenStack.

avatar for Ken Igarashi

Ken Igarashi

Sr. Research Engineer, NTT DOCOMO, NTT docomo
Ken Igarashi is one of the first members of proposing OpenStack Bare Metal Provisioning (currently called "Ironic"). He is leading OpenStack based private cloud team as a developer and operator.
avatar for Jun Ishii

Jun Ishii

Jun Ishii is currently working as an operator and technical consultant of a private cloud system based on OpenStack. He accumulates practical knowledge of cloud operating from communication with various users.
avatar for Takashi Torii

Takashi Torii

Mr. Takashi Torii has been a member of the research laboratories of NEC, and in 2012 joined Okinawa Open Laboratories, which was founded by NTT Communications, NEC Corporation, and IIGA Co in cooperation with the government of Okinawa prefecture. Mr. Takashi Torii is now the manager... Read More →

Tuesday October 27, 2015 4:40pm - 5:20pm JST
Heian (New Takanawa)

5:30pm JST

NEC- Converged System Solution Based on OpenStack and Ceph
OpenStack and Ceph are one of the best combination to build cloud infrastructures. In this session, NEC engineers will introduce Cloud platform for IaaS(CPI), converged system based on OpenStack and Ceph. CPI is a turn-key solution for deploying IaaS platform simply and scaling out system on demand from customers

avatar for Atsushi Tsuji

Atsushi Tsuji

Atsushi Tsuji is a Software Engineer at NEC Corporation working on developing a Big Data and Cloud platform. He has also been a Linux kernel developer for a long time and worked as a technical support for the Linux OS. Recently, he has been developing a converged infrastructure product... Read More →
avatar for Satoshi Yamakawa

Satoshi Yamakawa

Satoshi Yamakawa is a Product Architect at NEC Corporation. He is a part of Integration platform group at NEC and provides directions of product architecture for Cloud and Big Data platforms. Prior to joining Integration platform group, he held various research and development works... Read More →

Tuesday October 27, 2015 5:30pm - 6:10pm JST
Heian (New Takanawa)
Wednesday, October 28

11:15am JST

IBM- OpenStack for Beginners (Putting OpenStack to Work for your Business)
Are you still evaluating your cloud strategy or determining how to best apply OpenStack in your company? Come hear how businesses are putting OpenStack to work solving real problems. Whether you are a line-of-business professional, solution architect, or a technical thought leader in your company, this session is for you.  OpenStack luminary and private cloud entrepreneur Jesse Proudman will outline the top three ways companies are using OpenStack to transform the way they develop software, provide customers with new forms of value, and differentiate from their competitors. He'll give several specific, real-world examples and talk about the risks and benefits of different OpenStack consumption models. Jesse will wrap all this in a brief overview of the OpenStack project and its history, just to make sure everyone starts out on an equal footing. 

avatar for Jesse Proudman

Jesse Proudman

CTO, Blue Box, an IBM Company, Blue Box
In 2003, technology entrepreneur Jesse Proudman parlayed his passion for the “plumbing” of the Internet into the creation of Blue Box Group, a Seattle-based private cloud hosting company. As Founder and CTO, Proudman has guided the company’s rapid growth and multiple successful... Read More →

Wednesday October 28, 2015 11:15am - 11:55am JST
Heian (New Takanawa)

12:05pm JST

IBM- The open cloud: A platform of possibilities - use cases from IBM and Blue Box
Curious about how to build, run or manage high performing OpenStack cloud infrastructure tailored to meet your needs? In this session, IBM and Blue Box lays out their Cloud Strategy and how it addresses various client use cases for public, dedicated and local cloud infrastructure.  Learn how you can have a worry-free solution on-premises or in an IBM SoftLayer data center that is managed for you. Hear about detailed capabilities that IBM and Blue Box provide that are differentiators in the market.  Also, learn how public cloud is the key to a hybrid scalable cloud solution.  See how IBM's open cloud platform, Bluemix, integrates open technologies to enable client's developing cloud native applications using OpenStack infrastructure.  Domain experts will talk about specific ways IBM helps address your cloud needs.

avatar for Hernan Alvarez

Hernan Alvarez

Chief Product Officer, Blue Box an IBM Company
Hernan has over 20 years of experience driving aggressive growth, building cutting edge products and solutions, and creating energetic environments that leverage modern methodologies to solve modern technology and business problems. Prior to joining Blue Box, an IBM Company, Hernan... Read More →
avatar for Sunil Bhargava

Sunil Bhargava

Vice President, IBM Private Cloud and OpenStack Offering Management, IBM
Sunil Bhargava leads the Portfolio Management of IBM Private Cloud and OpenStack offerings. In this role, Sunil is responsible for the overall messaging, roadmaps, and go to market plans for new offerings. He brings 27 years of IT management and product packaging experience to this... Read More →
avatar for Jojari Cannon Edwards

Jojari Cannon Edwards

Cloud Offering Manager, IBM
Jojari is an Offering Manager for IBM Cloud, focusing on Compute technologies creating the future in the clouds! She has been in the Tech Industry working for IBM for 14 years, straight from the University of Arizona where she completed her under grad with honors in Management... Read More →
avatar for Azmir Mohamed

Azmir Mohamed

Senior Director Product Management, IBM
Azmir Mohamed is Senior Director of Product Management at Blue Box, an IBM Company. He has more than 20 years of experience delivering data center and enterprise infrastructure products. Prior to Blue Box, Azmir held senior product and strategy leadership roles in the OpenStack... Read More →

Wednesday October 28, 2015 12:05pm - 12:45pm JST
Heian (New Takanawa)

2:00pm JST

IBM- It’s getting HOT in here: Turning up the HEAT with IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps
The landmark partnership between IBM and Apple announced last year set the internet abuzz. The partnership aims to spark true mobile-led business change across the 
enterprise. In this talk, we’ll show you how IBM is using OpenStack, Heat, and DevOps to 
deploy a truly monumental undertaking.   
To fulfill this goal, we needed to redefine how we deliver our software. Leveraging IBM’s unique expertise in OpenStack and DevOps, we turned the “art of the possible” into our new “reality”. In this talk, we’ll tell the story of how we used fullstack application patterns based on OpenStack Heat to provision environments with speed and reliability. You will hear directly from the joint development team how these patterns enabled us to collaborate unimpeded by the traditional road blocks of IT development. As it turns out, our goal to “spark true business change” has 
extended beyond our customers to include IBM itself. 
You will not only hear about the technical solution but see it in action with a demo in the session. 

avatar for Michael Elder

Michael Elder

Distinguished Engineer, IBM
Michael is the IBM Distinguished Engineer for the IBM Multicloud Platform. Michael holds an M.S. in Computer Science from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. He has numerous awarded patents and has been honored with three IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement awards. He... Read More →
avatar for Tyson Lawrie

Tyson Lawrie

Tyson started with IBM’s Global Business Services in 2009 in the complex solutioning space. He has delivered solutions from custom java applications, IBM’s Digital Experience Suite and WebSphere Commerce across industries such as Government, Retail and Banking.  At the... Read More →
avatar for Tim Pouyer

Tim Pouyer

DevOps & SRE Leader, IBM
Tim started with IBM in 2006, joining a team developing one of the industries first “DevOps” tools and acquiring over 20 US Patents in the areas of Deployment Automation, Deployment Modeling, and Deployment Planning.  In 2013 after IBM acquired a leading Deployment Automation... Read More →

Wednesday October 28, 2015 2:00pm - 2:40pm JST
Heian (New Takanawa)

2:50pm JST

IBM- Hot topics with IBM: Federation and Containers
Hot topics for the community are also hot topics for IBM.  In this session, leaders from both the Keystone and Docker community will combine to talk to you about Federation and Containers.   
IBM’s Keystone Leaders will provide an overview of the latest enhancements to Keystone’s 
Federated Identity Support in Liberty. The presenters, who published a brand new O'Reilly book on Keystone, will also provide a summary of their latest federated identity use cases involving Google identity and WebSphere Liberty. We then discuss future work items and the roadmap that IBM will be taking on their Federated Identity journey.   In the second half of the talk you will learn from IBM's efforts to make an open container 
ecosystem successful as well as where Docker and container technology is heading for enterprises and developers alike.  You'll hear about the two new foundations IBM has helped form around container technology--the Open Container Initiative (OCI) and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)--both help bring an open and level playing field as this hot technology area grows.  We'll share our role in these foundations as a key partner of Docker and community contributor in the upstream Docker community.  You'll also hear about how IBM is applying this open source technology across our platform portfolio and with customers.  IBM has taken the open source Docker as a basis for the Bluemix Container Service and added enterprise capabilities around security and multi-tenancy which will be discussed.  See how integration with DevOps tooling can combine to provide a compelling container service, from 
application development through production.

avatar for Phil Estes

Phil Estes

Principal Engineer, AWS
Phil is a Principal Engineer for Amazon Web Services (AWS), focused on core container technologies that power AWS container offerings like Fargate, EKS, and ECS.Phil is currently an active contributor and maintainer for the CNCF containerd runtime project, and participates in the... Read More →
avatar for Steve Martinelli

Steve Martinelli

Senior Software Developer, IBM, IBM Canada Ltd.
Steve Martinelli is an OpenStack Active Technical Contributor and a Keystone Core Contributor. He primarily focuses on enabling Keystone, which is OpenStack's Identity Manager, to better integrate into enterprise environments. Steve was responsible for adding Federated Identity and... Read More →
avatar for Jason McGee

Jason McGee

IBM Fellow, VP and CTO, IBM Cloud Platform, IBM
Jason is currently responsible for the IBM Cloud’s platform services, including Kubernetes, Functions, Cloud Foundry, Kafka event streams, Logging, Monitoring, Container Registry, Schematics, Terraform and Activity Tracker. Jason is also responsible for the technical strategy and... Read More →
avatar for Brad Topol

Brad Topol

Distinguished Engineer, IBM
Dr. Brad Topol is an IBM Distinguished Engineer leading efforts focused on Open Technologies and Developer Advocacy. In his current role, Brad leads a development team focused on contributing to and improving Kubernetes and several other cloud native open source projects. Brad is... Read More →

Wednesday October 28, 2015 2:50pm - 3:30pm JST
Heian (New Takanawa)

3:40pm JST

IBM- Case Study: Key Information Systems going above and beyond cloud demands with OpenStack and IBM Power Systems
Technology is enabling a new era of open innovation. What if you could easily harness this technology and transform your business by changing just one thing? That is what Key Information Systems is doing for its customers.  As a premier cloud service provider, Key Information Systems wants to help companies like yours quickly and easily deploy new workloads in the cloud that exceed expectations. And with OpenStack and IBM Power Systems, they can quickly and easily offer companies an open by design cloud infrastructure that goes above and beyond typical performance, giving one client a 48x improvement in runtimes. Come to this session to hear first hand how Clayton Weise, Director of Cloud Services at Key Information Systems, was able to create a unique cloud infrastructure built with open technologies and designed for mission critical applications.

avatar for Ann Funai

Ann Funai

Director, Power Systems Enablement IBM Systems Group, IBM
A career in technology was foreshadowed on the day I wrote my first “hello world” program. A passion for math and science led me to pursue an undergraduate degree in Computer Science, and a Master’s degree in Technology Commercialization. I enjoy being a part of the positive... Read More →
avatar for Clayton Weise

Clayton Weise

Director of Cloud Services, Key Information Systems
Clayton Weise, Director of Cloud Services at Key Information Systems, has responsibilities including new offerings such as IaaS (compute, storage, and network available on-demand), disaster recovery and backup, enterprise cloud hosting, and future cloud services. He is a contributor... Read More →

Wednesday October 28, 2015 3:40pm - 4:20pm JST
Heian (New Takanawa)

4:40pm JST

IBM- Enterprise Journey to OpenStack Adoption: Real World Stories
It’s clear the adoption of OpenStack is continuing at an accelerated pace.  As enterprises are on the journey to adopting OpenStack, they are bringing their own set of legacy requirements and conservative perspectives about their existing enterprise applications.  In this session you will hear directly from two enterprise company speakers.  They will each share their strategy/vision with OpenStack and each company will present a recent project on their journey along with outcomes using IBM Cloud.  Find out why they chose OpenStack, while they discuss technical successes and challenges.  

SAP Chief Product Owner for Cloud Management will speak about the SAP Journey and vision through a technical story about their Landscape Virtualization Management (LVM) product.  In this project they are enabling for OpenStack with adapters written and contributed using an open source model.  You will hear about how they are staying ahead of their client’s preparing to adopt cloud strategies. 

NTT Data, IT Architect will speak about a recent project with a large beverage company in Japan.  In this project they are migrating Enterprise mission critical applications to OpenStack private cloud infrastructure.  In this story you will hear about their journey from selection to deployment for this project using IBM Cloud Orchestrator.  Successes, challenges, and lesson learned will be discussed.

avatar for Atsushi Koga

Atsushi Koga

IT architect at NTT DATA
Atsushi Koga is an IT architect at NTT DATA.He has experienced integration projects and operating projects of mission critical system for large telco and manufacture customers.He has wide experience of database, Java framework and SOA (ESB) technology area.Today his role is project... Read More →

Markus Winter

Chief Product Owner, Cloud Management, SAP
Dr. Markus Winter has been working in the field of landscape optimization and virtualization for the last fifteen years and has driven virtualization & cloud computing within the SAP group since then. Whilst serving in different departments and regions he soon realized the impact... Read More →
avatar for Nate Ziemann

Nate Ziemann

Sr. Product Manager, IBM Cloud, IBM
Nate Ziemann is a Product Manager with IBM Cloud OpenStack focusing on community engagement and upstream community contributions.  He has over 15 years of experience with IBM in various cloud and middleware roles across product management, development, professional services and... Read More →

Wednesday October 28, 2015 4:40pm - 5:20pm JST
Heian (New Takanawa)

5:30pm JST

IBM- Gazing into the Crystal Ball, market insights and futures with IBM
We're delighted to feature key OpenStack technical and business leaders in this panel discussion as they explore the vast space that is OpenStack. Angel Diaz, IBM VP of Cloud Architecture and Technology will host Jesse Proudman , CTO of Blue Box an IBM Company, Moe Abdula, IBM VP of Cloud Foundational Services, and Monty Taylor, Director of OpenStack Innovation as they gaze in to their crystal ball and share with you their insights in to the future of OpenStack.  Angel will challenge 
them to make some predictions about the future based on their deep technical skills and business experience.  It should make for some compelling conversations.

avatar for Angel Diaz

Angel Diaz

Always on the move, Dr. Angel Diaz is IBM’s VP of Developer Advocacy and Technology, his passion is to leverage technology to drive positive change. Specifically to empower developers to solve the world’s problems – smarter, faster, together – all in the open source world... Read More →

avatar for Moe Abdula

Moe Abdula

VP Cloud Strategy, IBM
Moe Abdula is one of the enthusiastic leaders of IBM’s Cloud portfolio.  As Vice President of Cloud Foundation Services Product Management, Moe provides direction for worldwide product development and go to market initiatives across the Cloud portfolio – with special focus on... Read More →
avatar for Jesse Proudman

Jesse Proudman

CTO, Blue Box, an IBM Company, Blue Box
In 2003, technology entrepreneur Jesse Proudman parlayed his passion for the “plumbing” of the Internet into the creation of Blue Box Group, a Seattle-based private cloud hosting company. As Founder and CTO, Proudman has guided the company’s rapid growth and multiple successful... Read More →
avatar for Monty Taylor

Wednesday October 28, 2015 5:30pm - 6:10pm JST
Heian (New Takanawa)
Thursday, October 29

9:00am JST

Canonical- OpenStack for Everybody
See the state of the art in action, making OpenStack cost-effective, reliable, and easy to operate, while preserving choice of SDN, storage, and hardware vendors. Always a highlight of the summit, this demo and presentation from Mark Shuttleworth of Canonical features:

* the world's fastest and most flexible user-driven OpenStack operations tool
* cross-cloud app store that unifies public cloud, openstack and legacy environments
* the pure-container OpenStack powered by LXD, at 10x the density of KVM
* and a few new surprises too!

avatar for Mark Shuttleworth

Mark Shuttleworth

CEO, Canonical
Mark leads Canonical products and is founder of Ubuntu, the reference operating system for OpenStack clouds. Mark has charted the course that made Ubuntu the top OS for all public and private cloud platforms, and brings his passion for next-generation platforms and technology to this... Read More →

Thursday October 29, 2015 9:00am - 9:40am JST
Heian (New Takanawa)

9:50am JST

Canonical - Pure-container OpenStack
Watch a live demonstration of running real workloads on OpenStack in containers and in KVM to compare performance. See how to deploy pure-container OpenStack for yourself. This presentation covers the pure-container hypervisor, LXD, and its integration with OpenStack Nova, enabling you to run an entire cloud with container-only guests for maximum performance.


James Page

Technical Architect, Ubuntu OpenStack Team, Canonical
James has been an evangelist of Free Software for over a decade, driving Free and Open Source Software adoption within a major UK bank. In 2010, James became involved in Ubuntu and has helped drive test automation in Ubuntu distribution.  James is focussed on ensuring the quality... Read More →

Thursday October 29, 2015 9:50am - 10:30am JST
Heian (New Takanawa)

11:00am JST

Canonical - Scalable OpenStack Reference Architecture
In practice, you need to be able to grow the cloud as demand increases, which makes traditional fixed reference architectures undesireable. This presentation describes the code behind Canonical's dynamic, scaling reference architecture, which places cloud infrastructure in containers to enable them to spread out across the cloud as your hardware pool grows. Hear about the design values informing this architecture, and see it in action in a cloud that is grown with additional hardware live on stage.


Adam Collard

Adam works in Canonical's Landscape team building the OpenStack Autopilot. He has over a decade's worth of experience developing Python applications on Ubuntu.

Thursday October 29, 2015 11:00am - 11:40am JST
Heian (New Takanawa)

11:50am JST

Canonical - Hybrid Cloud Benchmarking and Ops on AWS, Azure and OpenStack
Interested in running real apps across multiple clouds? This presentation covers using Juju to orchestrate real workloads across diverse cloud environments, to benchmark both the apps and the clouds. Learn how to collect data about application performance running in different configurations or platforms in a hybrid world.

avatar for Marco Ceppi

Marco Ceppi

Software Engineer
Marco Ceppi is a DevOps Engineer helping build the future of clouds. He's been managing deployments at scale for 10 years on both physical and virtual machines. Currently resides as an MDG on the Open Source MANO project leading VNF Configuration and Abstraction

Thursday October 29, 2015 11:50am - 12:30pm JST
Heian (New Takanawa)

1:50pm JST

Canonical - HPC & OpenStack From Real Experience
The HPC community is exploring OpenStack as a way to accelerate research access to compute, accelerating the pace of innovation, and raising the rate of utilization of rare resources. This session will cover key challenges and the work happening inside the Ubuntu community to address it.

Join this session with the teams leading some of the world's largest multi-national science projects for their first-hand account of implementing HPC services in OpenStack with Canonical. With examples ranging from the Biomedical HPC Cloud at Cambridge University to the Square Kilometer Array, the world’s largest radio telescope, these mega projects will test the limits of infrastructure, demanding 1000s of VMs, 100s of petabytes of storage and terabits of data transfer per second.

avatar for Christian Reis

Christian Reis

VP Hyperscale, Canonical
As VP Hyperscale Computing, Christian 'Kiko' Reis is responsible for Canonical's next-generation server enablement & automation programs, including the bare-metal provisioning tool Metal as a Service (MaaS). Kiko is also responsible for our Ubuntu Storage product family.  Kiko's... Read More →

Thursday October 29, 2015 1:50pm - 2:30pm JST
Heian (New Takanawa)

2:40pm JST

Canonical - The Juju App Store for your OpenStack
Want an app store for your cloud? Juju is an open source model-driven cloud app deployment mechanism for apps from a wide range of vendors, from Cloudera to IBM and Microsoft. This session covers integration of Juju and Horizon.

Join this session to see how you can offer your users an instant portfolio of hybrid cloud scale out services, free software and proprietary, straight from their OpenStack dashboard. Since Juju works across different types of clouds, empower your users to work easily across cloud public and private clouds, with AWS, Azure and Google Compute, as well as bare metal, containers, and VMware platforms. And all of this is not specific to any particular OpenStack distribution.


Rick Harding

Rick Harding is a lead of the Juju UI Engineering team and has been working on building out full stack solutions for over 10 years. His passion is to create simple user experiences over complex technical problems.

Thursday October 29, 2015 2:40pm - 3:20pm JST
Heian (New Takanawa)

3:30pm JST

Canonical - Amazing Operations 201: In Place Upgrades of OpenStack With Running Workloads
This session will demonstrate and discuss how to upgrade a running Ubuntu OpenStack cloud from Kilo to Liberty with little or no disruption to running workloads. Lots of real-world experience has made this possible, come and see how it's done!


James Page

Technical Architect, Ubuntu OpenStack Team, Canonical
James has been an evangelist of Free Software for over a decade, driving Free and Open Source Software adoption within a major UK bank. In 2010, James became involved in Ubuntu and has helped drive test automation in Ubuntu distribution.  James is focussed on ensuring the quality... Read More →

Thursday October 29, 2015 3:30pm - 4:10pm JST
Heian (New Takanawa)

4:30pm JST

Canonical- Migrating from VMware to OpenStack
Canonical partner Intercloud systems presents POC as a Service to demonstrate how to build hybrid environments with co-existence of Open Stack and VMware based workloads and how to manage & migrate the workloads between ESXI and KVM. The concept is followed by a real life case study from large Media corporation.


Aqeel Asim

VP of Cloud Services, Intercloud
Aqeel Asim is vice president of cloud services at InterCloud systems (Nasdaq: ICLD). His responsibilities include leading the engineering and product strategy for cloud services at Intercloud. In addition, his role is to define and implement the product and technology road map, as... Read More →

Marcin Kierdelewicz

Marcin Kierdelewicz is responsible for Global Channel Business Development at Canonical, company behind Ubuntu. Ubuntu is the most popular linux distribution in a world and a recognised leader in OpenStack, scale out cloud application infrastructure and deployment making innovative... Read More →

Thursday October 29, 2015 4:30pm - 5:10pm JST
Heian (New Takanawa)

5:20pm JST

Canonical - Practical, Rapid SDN Evaluation
SDN is a key motivation for many in moving to cloud infrastructure. Choosing the right SDN is hard if you can't get your hands dirty and actually test it out easily. In this session you wlll see a live demo of multiple SDN technolgies being integrated with Ubuntu OpenStack and learn how you can do the same.

The goal of this session is for you to feel comfortable that you can practically evaluate the SDNs you are interested in, standing up clouds of different types in an hour to exercise then tearing them down to try a different SDN in the afternoon.

avatar for Mark Baker

Mark Baker

Ubuntu Server and Cloud Product Manager, Canonical
Mark Baker is the Ubuntu server and cloud product manager at Canonical where he has spent the last 4 years helping drive the platform for next generation application delivery. Prior to Canonical Mark worked at MySQL and Red Hat where he enjoyed disrupting large Billion dollar encumbant... Read More →

John Zannos

John Zannos is Vice President of Cloud Alliances and Ecosystem at Canonical. He is responsible for execution of the Ubuntu Cloud Platform business, ecosystem, partnerships, alliances and Telecom strategy. During his career John has lead business and technology efforts around cloud... Read More →

Thursday October 29, 2015 5:20pm - 6:00pm JST
Heian (New Takanawa)

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